1. What Organized Dentistry Can Learn From Poison Control

    It’s 6 pm and your toddler walks into the kitchen, opens the cupboard under the sink, grabs a hold of one of the many brightly colored spray bottles of cleaning fluid, and then squirts a healthy amount of it in their mouth. You find him on the floor next to several bottles strewn across the floor. He has just vomited, is having difficulty breathing, is confused, and is exhibiting other strange behavior….

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  2. Teledentistry 2019 Registration Open

    The ATDA and Eastman Institute for Oral Health are pleased to present Teledentistry 2019, June 7-8th, 2019 in Rochester, NY. Please find the link below for more information. Registration will begin in early 2019. https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/dentistry/education/continuing-education/teledentistry-conference.aspx?redir=dentistry.urmc.edu

  3. It’s DTY not DIY

    It’s DTY not DIY