1. Does Direct-to-Consumer Accurately Describe Teleorthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners?

    ·       “DTC” is being misapplied to companies that the establishment doesn’t like.·       If a company provides a platform that is compliant with laws and regulations, then there should be no interference with it competing in the market.·       The important discussion should focus on individual doctors’ adherence to the standard of care, which is overshadowed when “DTC” is misapplied. It’s an important question, because it informs much of the advertising, not to mention the legal consequences,…

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  2. The Fallacy of the Fixed Dental Exam Schedule

    The ATDA has evaluated the scientific literature on this topic and the attached position paper discusses our findings.

  3. Philips Position Paper: Extended Care Delivery

    Virtual or telehealth visits are solving many challenges, and telehealth use has massively accelerated in the wake of COVID-19. Consumer adoption in the US has skyrocketed from 11% of consumers in 2019 to 46% today.