1. Teledentistry Does Not Require An In-Person Exam First

    The ATDA has created a summary of the peer-reviewed literature in telehealth demonstrating that an in-person exam is not needed prior to teledental treatment.

  2. Harvard Business School Podcast-“SmileDirectClub: Better is Better”


  3. Wired Magazine: An Evidence-Based Opinion on the In-Person Annual Physical

    “In 2019, the Cochrane Collaboration, an international group of medical researchers who systematically evaluate the world’s biomedical research, took up the topic of routine, general health checkups. Reviewing 17 studies that followed a combined 251,000 people for a median of nine years, they came to the unequivocal conclusion that routine health checkups and their accompanying physical exams had virtually no impact on overall health or longevity.” Dr. Eric Snoey https://www.wired.com/story/opinion-lets-put-an-end-to-annual-physicals/