1. Self-Administered Treatment: Access to Medical Care For The Underinsured or Uninsured

    If high acuity patients can deliver IV antibiotics at home or dialysis for themselves at a clinic, why can’t patients apply fluoride varnish, administer silver diamine fluoride or straighten their teeth with clear aligners? Harvard Business Review published a paper on this: The Value of Teaching Patients to Administer Their Own Care

  2. An Overwhelmingly Orwellian Response to Teledentistry

    After attending quite a few meetings of State Dental Boards, State Dental Associations and some National Dental Associations, I am dumbfounded by the unmitigated fury and vitriol coming from so-called practitioners of the healing arts with regard to teledentistry. Almost reflexively naysayers use terms like unethical, substandard, poor quality, and dangerous to describe aspects of teledentistry.  No matter how many epithets are hurled like javelins at the proponents of teledentistry, those who…

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  3. Consulting with UNC-Chapel Hill Business School Students

    One of the central missions of the ATDA is to educate the public about Teledentistry. There is no better way to do this than to engage undergraduate business students. I was contacted by the Faculty and Students from the course BUSINESS 554: Consulting Skills and Frameworks at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to serve as a Teledentistry expert for their consulting project. A Faculty member from the UNC Adams…

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