1. Teledentistry is crucial, improves access to care

    California has made significant progress in improving access to dental care services to many Californians who have limited resources or who live in communities with few providers. For example, five years ago the state passed legislation that further encouraged the advancement of teledentistry paving the way for more children living in underserved communities to receive quality dental care. As a part of this progress and innovation, there has been a rise of…

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  2. Time for an interstate teledental licensure compact

    Telemedicine has already developed an interstate licensure compact between 25 states: https://mhealthintelligence.com/news/telemedicine-licensure-compact-is-now-live-in-half-the-country

  3. Telemedicine 2.0: Boston Children’s Hospital and the Autonomous Robot Surgeon

    One day this type of system will be operated remotely by a surgeon and on-site monitored by ancillary personnel. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-02874-0