1. ATDA Releases Industry Standards for Remote Orthodontic Treatment

    The American Teledentistry Association Teleorthodontic Working Policy Group has released industry standards for remote orthodontic treatment. This document clarifies appropriate and inappropriate terminology that has been associated with remote orthodontic treatment and presents standards for best practices in this area of Teledentistry.

  2. North Dakota Governor Burgum Signs HB1151

    The ATDA congratulates the North Dakota legislature on passing – and Governor Burgum for signing – House Bill 1151 during their 2021 legislative session. This legislation is a comprehensive and permissive teledentistry statute that accomplishes the twin goals of protecting patients from harm while ensuring that important quality oral health care services are accessible to North Dakotans through teledentistry. The ATDA worked closely with stakeholders – including the North Dakota Dental Association…

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  3. Pacific Legal Foundation Fights Protectionism in Texas

    “Early in the pandemic, when just about everyone was looking for a way to get services from home, the Texas Board of Dental Examiners banned teledentistry. Why would the board ban people from getting dental advice remotely at a time when people most needed to stay at home? One answer lies in the composition of the board: eight of its 11 members are practicing dental health professionals, and protectionism is one helluva…

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