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Disruptive Innovation: Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club offers telemedicine visits for $1.

 Sam’s Club has just partnered with 98point6 to offer its members unlimited, text-based health visits for a dollar a visit. Sam’s Club is the membership-only retail warehouse club with millions of members, while 98point6 offers text-based no-appointment, round-the clock consultations. Just type “Do I have poison ivy?” along with a photograph and press “send.” Your text is received by a doctor, and soon you’ll receive a diagnosis and care-plan, along with a prescription (perhaps a corticosteroid?), if necessary, sent to your local pharmacy.

 As a result of the new partnership, Sam’s Club members can purchase a subscription to 98point6 for about $120/year. The subscription gives members unlimited telehealth visits for just a dollar a visit. 98point6 has board-certified physicians available 24/7. Members can also subscribe to get pediatric care. Physicians can diagnose and treat 400 conditions, including cold and flu-like symptoms as well as allergies. They can also monitor chronic conditions including diabetes, depression, and anxiety. The subscription is not health insurance and will not cover hospitalization or operations. 

*Newsbrief above from Telemedicine and e-Health Journal

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