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Forbes Magazine Article on Teledentistry

We recently came across this insightful article by Dr. Cindy Roark in Forbes Magazine.

She reiterated some important facts that the ATDA has previously discussed:

-Remote smartphone scanning allows a patient to take images that provide exponentially more information than what can be seen on a standard photo image or viewed on a screen during an online dental appointment. To produce a picture of a patient’s tooth and gum health, AI scans can benchmark virtually every surface of each tooth against millions of indexed images. These scanned images can be used by a dentist to remotely analyze inflammation of tissue, gum recession and tooth integrity in sub-millimeter increments, which allows for a highly informed prognosis and treatment plan.

-Other exciting emerging technologies include high-resolution intra-oral scanners.

-Teledentistry could be used to triage patients in need of emergency care.

-[Teledentistry] is being used for regular check-ups for orthodontic patients, allowing DSOs to reduce the number of in-office visits for patients and their families.

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