1. Holland Healthcare and The TeleDentists Partner: TelScopeCare 24/7 Coming Soon

    Capture and connect your intraoral issue to a dentist instantly. Holland Healthcare is partnering with The TeleDentists, using the TelScope Telehealth System. Patients using the TelScope can capture superior-quality images inside the mouth and connect those images to The TeleDentists instantly. Providers can instantly connect with a dentist for a second opinion or to refer a patient.Available only in the United States.

  2. Philips Healthcare Looks Ahead to How We Will Manage Our Health in 2021

    Here is an interesting article from their Website:

  3. ATDA Weighs in on the Conflation of DTC Remote Aligner Treatment and DIY Dentistry

    A recent editorial in the Journal of the American Dental Association conflated DTC remote clear aligner treatment and DIY dentistry. ATDA Executive Director, Dr. Marc Ackerman, weighed in with a letter to the Editor setting the record straight.