1. DentaQuest Communications Brief TELEDENTISTRY: Providing access to care during the COVID-19 crisis

    DentaQuest has released a communications brief on teledentistry that supports much of what the American Teledentistry Association has been championing for the past several years. DQP_TeledentistryCommunicationBrief_Final DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement. March 2020. Teledentistry: Providing access to care during the COVID-19 crisis. Boston, MA. DOI: 10.35565/DQP.2020.2009

  2. Harvard Business Review Weighs in on Healthcare after COVID-19 and Highlights Telehealth

    Harvard Business Review has just published the following article. Here is a noteworthy quote: “John Brownstein, chief innovation officer of Boston Children’s Hospital, noted that his institution was doing more telemedicine visits during any given day in late March that it had during the entire previous year.” Echoing the article, the ATDA would say: “Dentistry is Dentistry, no matter how and where it’s practiced”. What Will U.S. Health Care Look Like After…

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  3. Don’t Practice Teledentistry Using a Rube Goldberg Machine

    It is heartening that across the nation more and more dentists are trying their hand at using teledentistry during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ATDA has fielded many calls from clinicians who don’t know where to start. In an earlier blog, we presented a quick start framework for where to begin. Many clinicians who got up and running have expressed frustration in the work flow and actual operations that they implemented in the…

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