1. ATDA Welcomes Our Newest Advisory Board Members

    The ATDA would like to welcome and introduce Dr. Maria Kunstadter and Steve Baird to our Advisory Board.    

  2. Teledentistry Right Now and Talking Teledentistry June 2019

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  3. Don’t Close Your Practice – The TeleDentists are Open for Business

    The TeleDentists have a national network of dentists providing video consults for patients with dental emergencies.  They provide “Talk to a Dentist Now” 24/7/365 Dentist availability for patients and “My TeleDentist” for providers.  There are several opportunities to engage. Offer teledentistry (via video consults) to your patients experiencing dental emergencies during the crisis. Let your patients know that they can “talk to a dentist now” by visiting the website, Sign up to…

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