1. Guiding Principles for Teledentistry Legislation

    The American Teledentistry Association has developed guiding principles for State Legislators seeking to introduce bills related to teledentistry.

  2. North Carolina Rural Broadband Grant Program is a Boon for Teledentistry

    The ATDA applauds North Carolina’s initiative to improve access to teleheath care by bringing broadband internet to rural and underserved communities in the state.

  3. Self-Administered Treatment: Access to Medical Care For The Underinsured or Uninsured

    If high acuity patients can deliver IV antibiotics at home or dialysis for themselves at a clinic, why can’t patients apply fluoride varnish, administer silver diamine fluoride or straighten their teeth with clear aligners? Harvard Business Review published a paper on this: The Value of Teaching Patients to Administer Their Own Care