1. Smilelove

    “We at Smilelove understand the AAO concerns with direct to consumer aligners. And want to thank them for their efforts to protect the consumer and to “do no harm”. However, the article is clearly biased and uses scare tactics rather than attempting to give the customer a good understanding of how our service works or any attempt to understand it. Medical costs have tripled since 2001 without the same multiplier in care…

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  2. Doctor-Directed At Home Aligner Companies Respond to AAO Consumer Alert

    The American Teledentistry Association received a Consumer Alert issued by the American Association of Orthodontists. Consumers were advised to ask 14 specific questions when considering treatment by what the AAO termed direct-to-consumer orthodontic companies. Five companies were mentioned by name in the alert. The ATDA reached out to the five companies who offer doctor-directed at home clear aligner orthodontic treatment. Four of the five companies responded to the AAO questions and their…

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  3. Advances in Pediatric Telepsychiatry

    After a year of offering psychiatry telehealth visits via one psychiatrist, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska conducted more than 600 visits on the platform. The telehealth program has cut noshow follow-up visit rates in half compared to in-person appointments, and the child psychiatrist conducting these virtual visits saved around 26 hours of windshield time per week by moving all appointments to telehealth. American_Well_Children_Omaha_case_study