1. New York State Senate Bill 6477 Will Limit Access to Dental Care

    The New York State Senate will hear Bill 6477 “Orthodontic tele-dentistry consumer protection act” this week.  This bill will not just limit teleorthodontics but all of teledentistry. It is not based on evidence and is a clear attempt by organized dentistry in the State to restrict trade. The American Teledentistry Association is opposed to this bill and encourages all citizens of New York to write or call their elected officials to speak…

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  2. Teledentistry 2019 Conference-Eastman Institute for Oral Health Presentation

    Please find a link to the teledentistry presentation by the Eastman Institute Faculty (Drs. McLaren, Billings, KopyckaKedzierawski, and Mendocino) Teledentistry conference presentation

  3. State Teledentistry Law Update 2019

    These links are to documents that the Center for Connected Telehealth Policy and the National Conference of State Legislatures produced regarding State Telehealth Laws. In addition there is a discussion about telehealth increasing patient access to care.