1. Important Update on New Florida Telehealth Law

    The ATDA recently posted about the Florida legislature passing a new, comprehensive, and forward-thinking telehealth law. It’s on its way to Governor DeSantis’ desk for signature. It was just brought to the ATDA’s attention that the Florida Association of Orthodontists in concert with the American Association of Orthodontists are urging the Governor to veto this bill.  This is yet another example of anticompetitive and protectionist behavior on the part of organized orthodontics….

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  2. Florida Legislature Passes New Telehealth Law and Dentistry Should Follow Their Lead

    The Florida legislature has passed a new law that provides guidelines for the practice of telehealth. The bill is en route to Governor DeSantis’ office where he is expected to sign it. The American Teledentistry Association endorses the language of the bill and in particular the following provisions: Telehealth is defined as the use of synchronous or asynchronous telecommunications technology by a telehealth provider to provide health care services, including, but not limited…

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  3. Smile Direct Club Prevails in Right to Bring Anti-competitive Claims in Georgia

    NASHVILLE, Tenn., May 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — “SmileDirectClub is very pleased with the Georgia federal court’s ruling that allows us to continue to pursue federal antitrust and constitutional claims against the individual members of the Georgia Board of Dentistry. The Georgia Board’s attempt to exclude non-dentists from taking 3D images of patients’ mouths is a transparent move to block competition and impede patient-first innovations in teledentistry. We look forward to proving our claims in court and preventing the members of the Georgia Board…

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