1. ATDA Teleorthodontic Research Published

    The ATDA is excited to announce that the first clinical study on teleorthodontic treatment with clear aligners has been published. Please use the following link to access the paper:  

  2. Teleorthodontics’ Democratization of Clear Aligner Treatment

    Clear Aligner Chronology Invisalign was launched in 1997 and was only available to orthodontic specialists and not general practitioners. Align Technology’s orthodontic advisors recommended this tactic in order to avoid the wrath of their trade organization and its members. In 2001, Dr. Jon Richter a general dentist, filed an anti-trust suit against Align [1]. As a result of this lawsuit, Align was forced to make Invisalign available to all general practitioners. The…

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  3. Important Update on New Florida Telehealth Law

    The ATDA recently posted about the Florida legislature passing a new, comprehensive, and forward-thinking telehealth law. It’s on its way to Governor DeSantis’ desk for signature. It was just brought to the ATDA’s attention that the Florida Association of Orthodontists in concert with the American Association of Orthodontists are urging the Governor to veto this bill.  This is yet another example of anticompetitive and protectionist behavior on the part of organized orthodontics….

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