1. Dominion National Offers New Teledentistry Solution 

     Arlington, Va. – Dominion National, a leading dental and vision insurer and administrator, announced it has partnered with DigiBite to offer virtual dental consultations through a teledentistry app.  “We are thrilled to be offering an innovative teledentistry solution that will help increase access to dental care and advice for our members,” said Dominion President Mike Davis. “We believe DigiBite will help our customers improve their oral health and get more people to…

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  2. Michigan Teledentistry At Risk

     The Michigan Board of Dentistry is considering a rule change which alters the definition of “patient of record” to require patients be examined “in-person” before any care can be rendered. This arbitrary requirement has no clinical basis and adds costs and barriers for Michigan patients – especially the more than 1.7 million residents living in areas with dentist shortages. 

  3. ATA and ATDA Teledentistry Guiding Principles

    The American Telemedicine Association and the American TeleDentistry Association worked in collaboration to create these guiding principles for state legislators and other lawmakers to use as a resource when implementing teledentistry policies.