1. Advances in Pediatric Telepsychiatry

    After a year of offering psychiatry telehealth visits via one psychiatrist, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska conducted more than 600 visits on the platform. The telehealth program has cut noshow follow-up visit rates in half compared to in-person appointments, and the child psychiatrist conducting these virtual visits saved around 26 hours of windshield time per week by moving all appointments to telehealth. American_Well_Children_Omaha_case_study

  2. How Teleorthodontics Differs from DIY Orthodontics

    The mission of the American Teledentistry Association is to educate dental professionals, public policy makers and patients about the scope of teledentistry and to develop best practices in this growing area of healthcare delivery. We have found that there is a tremendous amount of misinformation on the web regarding teledentistry. It is unfortunate that most of it has come from dental professionals and protectionist trade groups who believe that teledental practice diminishes…

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  3. introducing atda mission

    Introducing the ATDA

    We’re the American Teledenistry Assocation. Our mission is to increase access to dental care through advocacy for and the implementation of innovative teledentistry guidelines and solutions. We listen to patients. We give them a voice and speak up for them when it really matters. Everything we do is with our patients’ interests in mind. We support dental health providers. We employ innovative technologies that increase access to patients who might otherwise not…

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