1. Emergency Department Physicians Lack Confidence in Treating Dental Trauma

    A new study was published in the journal Pediatric Emergency Care that surveyed hundreds of pediatric ED physicians about their level of comfort in treating dental emergencies. Cully M, Cully J, Nietert PJ, Titus MO. Confidence in Dental Trauma Treatment and the Introduction of a Dental Trauma Decision-Making Pathway for the Pediatric Emergency Department. Emerg Care. 2018 Apr 24. OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this study were to (1) survey and report the awareness and confidence of pediatric emergency medicine physicians in the management of…

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  2. Tech Spotlight: uLab Systems

    A must-see at the AAO meeting in Washington, D.C. this week! uLab is the disruptive innovation in orthodontics at the moment. They have ushered in a new generation of digital smile design via state of the art technology. When providing clear aligner therapy in their offices, dental professionals have needed to outsource design and fabrication of aligners to a limited number of companies. uLab software allows the clinician to create aligner movement…

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  3. Smilelove

    “We at Smilelove understand the AAO concerns with direct to consumer aligners. And want to thank them for their efforts to protect the consumer and to “do no harm”. However, the article is clearly biased and uses scare tactics rather than attempting to give the customer a good understanding of how our service works or any attempt to understand it. Medical costs have tripled since 2001 without the same multiplier in care…

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