1. Alabama Board of Dental Examiners Agrees to Settle FTC Charges that It Unreasonably Excluded Lower Cost Online and Teledentistry Providers from Competition

    To settle FTC charges that its actions violated the antitrust laws, the Board of Dental Examiners of Alabama has agreed to stop requiring on-site supervision by licensed dentists of alignment scans of prospective patients’ mouths seeking to address misaligned teeth or gaps between teeth. These scans are routinely administered by dental hygienists and other non-dentist practitioners; the Dental Board’s decision limited consumer choice and excluded new providers in the state of Alabama. The American…

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  2. Prescription Medication Stewardship: Using the Telehealth Visit to Ensure Public Safety and Protect the Environment

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have classified prescription drug abuse as an epidemic in America.1 Every 14 minutes, a person dies from a drug overdose in America – leading to over 100 deaths per day.  It has been estimated that 7 out of 10 people who abuse prescription drugs get them from friends and family, often from medicine cabinets. Although there have been national efforts to create prescription take-back…

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  3. Does Direct-to-Consumer Accurately Describe Teleorthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners?

    ·       “DTC” is being misapplied to companies that the establishment doesn’t like.·       If a company provides a platform that is compliant with laws and regulations, then there should be no interference with it competing in the market.·       The important discussion should focus on individual doctors’ adherence to the standard of care, which is overshadowed when “DTC” is misapplied. It’s an important question, because it informs much of the advertising, not to mention the legal consequences,…

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