1. Philips Healthcare Looks Ahead to How We Will Manage Our Health in 2021

    Here is an interesting article from their Website:

  2. ATDA Weighs in on the Conflation of DTC Remote Aligner Treatment and DIY Dentistry

    A recent editorial in the Journal of the American Dental Association conflated DTC remote clear aligner treatment and DIY dentistry. ATDA Executive Director, Dr. Marc Ackerman, weighed in with a letter to the Editor setting the record straight.

  3. ATDA Welcomes New Advisory Board Member- Sarah Sharfstein

    Sarah Sharfstein joined Aspen Dental Management, Inc. in October of 2018 in the newly-created role of Vice President of Category Development and Strategy, with a focus on developing a non-existent Orthodontic business from the ground up. In an already consumer-centric company, she has focused on leveraging technology to optimize the consumer experience and help dentists and team educate their patients about the benefits of clear aligner therapy, with the ultimate goal of…

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