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Texas State Board of Dental Examiners Adopts Teledentistry Rule to the Chagrin of Orthodontic Trade Groups

The American Teledentistry Association is pleased to report that the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners has adopted a rule regarding teledentistry that eliminates the requirement of an in-person examination prior to providing teledentistry services. The ATDA has previously discussed in-person exams.

The May 27th, 2020 Texas Register reported:

“The State Board of Dental Examiners (Board) adopts this amendment to 22 TAC §108.7(3) -(4), concerning the minimum standard of care. The rule is adopted in accordance with House Bill 2056 of the 87th Texas Legislature, Regular Session (2021), and Chapter 111, Texas Occupations Code. The bill amended Chapter 111, Texas Occupations Code, which allows dental health professionals to provide teledentistry dental services to patients. The bill’s intent is to eliminate barriers pertaining to access to care, and allow dental health professionals to treat patients without having an in-person visit if the standard of care is met. This adopted amendment changes §108.7(3) -(4) to allow for the provision of teledentistry dental services without requiring an in-person examination prior to providing the service as long as the dentist adheres to the standard of care. A dentist must ask the patient to come into the office for a physical examination if the diagnosis or treatment utilizing teledentistry is not adequate or consistent with the standard of care.”

We have highlighted some of the comments in opposition to this rule and will have more to come on the spurious notion that orthodontic treatment is irreversible.

Bravo Texas!

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