About the ATDA

Marc Ackerman, DMD, MBA, FACD


Dr. Ackerman has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in dentistry, orthodontics, and professional ethics. Dr. Ackerman’s monograph, Enhancement Orthodontics: Theory and Practice, was released in 2007 by Blackwell-Wiley. He is a co-recipient of the 2004 B.F. and Helen E. Dewel Award from the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, which is given annually to the highest-rated clinical research article published in the previous year. Dr. Ackerman was the Editor-in-Chief of Special Care in Dentistry Journal from 2013-2016 and concentrated on increasing access to care for vulnerable populations. He co-authored a second book Straighter: The Rules of Orthodontics in 2017.



Our Mission

To increase access to dental care through advocacy for and the implementation of innovative teledentistry guidelines and solutions.

Our Values

  • Transparency

    We communicate openly with doctors and patients, working to identify and provide solutions for increasing access to care

  • Accessibility

    We are patient-focused, striving to increase access to care conveniently and affordably

  • Collaboration

    We work with individuals and organizations across the public and private sectors

  • Innovation

    We adapt and evolve to fulfill the needs of patients, clinicians and all stakeholders

  • Advocacy

    We champion the needs of all patients, fighting for access to fair and affordable teledentistry options

  • Accountability

    We hold ourselves responsible for creating and adhering to guidelines and best practices